Google’s AutoDraw

AutoDraw: Google’s new Artificial intelligence experiment which pairs machine learning to help draw anything fast. Basically, a suggestion tool which reckons perfection for whatever shapes, figures, or anything ugly drawn by you.

May Google’s AutoDraw, be just a Drawing tool for us but it can help aesthetically impaired individuals who couldn’t doodle out of themselves.

AutoDraw is an example of machine learning, compares with the doodles we draw which in turn helps in teaching the AI’s neural network in predicting what different shapes and figures it represents in return suggesting the perfect drawing to our rough and lousy sketches.

Perfection is what you shouldn’t expect Afterall it’s AI it learns itself and suggests the best it can.

AutoDraw being a web-based program which supports working on all platforms may it be a laptop or a smartphone. It offers a nice and clean canvas to be played with.

With primary features To Draw, Type, Fill color, etc. Also, has a menu which contains features to draw with a new page, with different ratios of canvases. Also has Downloads and share options in it.

Google made this tool free and accessible to use for the general public. and it’s surely taking off, which is why they made it free.

Now check this link to start doodling 🙂 — Auto draw

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