Google Adds Kotlin as an Official Programming Language For Android Development

On 17 May 2017, at the Google I/O keynote, Google’s Android Team announced first-class support for Kotlin. It is a new programming language built by JetBrains, Which also develop IDEs for languages like Java, Python etc.

However, JetBrains also develops the Android Studio — Google’s official developer tool. It’s a language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine, in the nutshell Android don’t use Java Virtual Machine but Java has a strong root. Its compatibility with Java makes it a popular choice for Android developers.

According to reports, Kotlin tools will ba available by default in upcoming Android Studio 3.0. Google plans to give language a long-term support for Android. It includes support for a number of features that Java itself doesn’t currently support.

Google says that It is “a brilliantly designed, mature language that we believe will make Android development faster and more fun.”

Readers who want try feature like “Convert Java File to Kotlin File” can go ahead and try Android Studio 3.0 preview using this link.  Read More Details on kotlinlang’s blog.

Do you think Kotlin can beat Java in Android Development? Share your views in comments.

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