iPhone X: What Is Apple’s New A11 Bionic Neural Engine

Apple A11 Bionic Neural Engine

On Tuesday September 13th, Apple unveiled latest A11 Bionic Neural Engine along with its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. As AI is becoming a new trend in the smartphone market because of virtual assistants, Automation and processing Apple Inc. developed the new Neural Engine.

According to Apple, The new A11 bionic neural engine is the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone which is capable of doing 600 billion machine learning operations per second. The Company packed 4.2 Billion transistors in A11 Bionic’s six cores which make it 70% faster than old A10 Fusion chip.

iPhone X A11 bionic

The main task of A11 bionic to unlock the phone using Face ID and image processing in real time. Unlike other phones using machine learning A11 bionic doesn’t send data to servers to process data. However, the A11 bionic neural engine is capable of doing complex machine learning tasks on phone in real time.

Plus, the neural engine will be playing a big role in battery efficiency, it’ll increase battery life by two hours than previous iPhone 7.

This isn’t just a smartphone trend. Google also made an AI chip called Tensor Processing Unit which will be based on server side work for businesses. Not just Google and Apple, Microsoft is also developing similar cloud technology, And already has a chip for its HoloLens.

For those who don’t know, Apple isn’t new to machine learning and AI, in fact, apple was the first company to bring the first voice assistant to smartphone Siri. In June WWDC developer conference Apple introduced Core ML, a machine learning framework to build AI algorithms into apps.

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