Stage d’été | internship program

XeConcepts is an IT company that offers her services to clients around the world. We work in the field of IOT, Web, AI, e-marketing, mobile, social networks, and growth hacking for startups and business.

This summer, we are looking for interns for a 3-month program:

2 in web development: #MeteorJs #NodeJs #Angular #php

3 in mobile development: #Android #Swift #Ionic

1 in community management



* have basics in web and mobile development.

* who are teachable and willing to learn and to apply their technical skills.

*communication skills to well express him/her self.


XeConcepts will be a perfect professional area where they can learn and get involved with the newest technologies. Each intern will be set to a technical adviser.

Recruitment Process:

Once we receive your CV via we will be in touch with you within 72hours. An Interview is required. After it, all candidates will be notified with the result of selection in a week.

To enhance your chance of getting selected, we encourage you to cite all your technical knowledge, experiences, and your previous internships.

Deadline for application:


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Internship/PFE Marketing, Commerciale, Webmarketing

In order to extend our team for future recruitment, we  offer a PFE internship in these fields: Marketing, Commerciale, Webmarketing
Level: Bac + 3
School: IHEC, EPI, Polytec, ISG
Period: 3-4 months
Skills: Marketing, Commerciale, Web-marketing
Business sector: IT
Deadline: 15-02-2017

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